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Merchants feel trapped with nowhere to turn and that's where Mom and Pop Business Funding comes in!

It seems like doomsday to our ISO Partners (Independent Sales Organizations). Day in and day out our underwriters, processors and funders hear reports from the merchants all across the nation on how their small business was once again turned down by their local bank for a business loans. ...,and that they didn't qualify for a PPP (paycheck protection program) loan, established by the United States Federal Government.

That's where Mom and Pop Business Funding comes in, we pick up where the banks leave off. How many times can a business owner/merchant be told "NO" regarding their business loan before they put a gun to their businesses head or shut the doors and go out of business? Our customers are sick of the word NO! Its a 4 lettered word to them! In fact, banks have developed a pleather of different approaches to the word "NO" creatively. Imagine what life would be like if you had to tell your small business loan applicants "NO" all day like loan officers at business bank do? You too would become great at saying NO! At Mom and Pop Business Funding, bad credit is NOT an issue! ...,and we are saying "YES" a lot!!!

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