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The GOAT, how Bret Martin became the #1 Producer of all time in the Merchant Cash Advance industry.

Updated: 15 hours ago

I've been asked this question or a derivative thereof, many times over the years.

My answer is explained best by saying I did so by being Inconsistently Consitent.

I'm different that way, I'm not the person that sits down and tele markets for eight to ten hours. Nor was I someone who went door to door to business owners eight to ten hours a day.

In fact, getting me to do anything in a conveyor belt manner or fashion for eight to ten hours a day drives me insane!

I NEEDED/NEED VARIETY, I NEED INCONSISTENCY, I NEED IT MIXED UP, or what I coined phrase wise years ago to describe my style of sales and marketing as the need to flourish in an ever changing Inconsistently Consistent Environment, where the only thing consistent about it is, it's inconsistent nature!

I used 6 to 7 marketing methods weekly to arrive at the point where I was funding over 800 merchant cash advances monthly, but I was not in the least bit consistent with my hours spent on each particular piece of marketing

Why wasn't I consistent?, that's why!

Just like you, I had a life!

...and that life got in the way of my day, again and again and again, day in and day out!

Think about what gets in our way each day, especially once you start making good money!

Starbucks, dentists, doctors, broke down cars, new cars, kids, wives, husbands, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, rent, mortgage, lease payments, car payments, parents, sick family members, dogs, cats, birds, snakes, travel, vacation, gambling, porn, our health, lack of money, gas, grocery shopping, boating, the club, tanning. get my point,

...your Life and all the ingredients/elements of your day-to-day life get in your way consistently!

So somehow you have to teach yourself to live within life's INCONSISTENCIES and still manage your marketing, or no marketing gets done and therefor you SOON end up with a VOID financially speaking since you didn't do your marketing last week!

The more days that slip by without which you marketed, the larger the financial voids become!

It has an if that, then this result on our lives!

So what did I get great at?

Making sure to market every day- matter what took place and during the time I was marketing, whether it be for 15 minutes or 3 hours for that matter, I made sure I was fully present and fully committed to that piece of marketing without any outside distractions!

...and trust me, I got damn good at target marketing and staying the course during the time In which I had allotted for my marketing merchant cash advances!

That's how I, Bret Martin CEO and Founder of Mom and Pop Business Funding, became the GOAT of the Merchant Cash Advance industry!

Here is Bret Martin's YouTube video

talking about his marketing days in 2007, 2008, 2009 thru September, before he became the CEO, Founder and full-time trainer of merchant cash advances at Mom and Pop Business Funding!

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