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What is a Merchant? by Bret martin, CEO and Founder of Mom and Pop Business Funding.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I get this question as does my staff every day ALL DAY, or so it seems!

...and the question goes something like this, "what is a merchant".

So I have taken the liberty of providing you with some synonyms (a word or phrase that means exactly the same, or nearly the same) surrounding the word merchant.


Drumroll please!..., lolololololololol

A MERCHANT is....,

....a trader, dealer, trafficker, wholesaler, broker, agent, seller, buyer, buyer and seller, salesman, salesperson, saleswoman, vendor, retailer, shopkeeper, tradesman, distributor, representative, commercial traveler, marketer, marketeer, pedlar, hawker...,

In other words, a Merchant is a Business Owner!!!

You are now a business owner ISO's (Individual Sales Organizations).

That is it,

...plain and simple,

...end of story!

Many merchants by the way,

...whether you believe this or not,

...have no idea they are merchants!

It's odd,

...but true!

We hear it every day!

That is why Business Owners, many of them, can NOT find the Merchant Cash Advance industry!!! They are looking for small business loans,

...or business loans,

...not merchant cash advances!

...they don't know merchant cash advances exist! can you find something if you don't think it exists?

...and then once you find it, it almost seems like a scam or sham in some way, because you've never seen it before, nor have they, and so your faith is not behind it yet, nor is theirs!

Just like most of,

...if not ALL of you,

...before you found out the merchant cash advance industry existed!!! didn't KNOW it existed!!! you do, now you know it exists!!!

...and because you now know about our industry, odds are YOU THINK EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS TOO!!!

And that is NOT the case!

Very FEW people know about the merchant cash advance industry!


Because they had no need for it, just like you!!!

But then one day while LOOKING around to fill their needs and wants they came across the industry, just like you!!!

...and like you,


no unlike you,

how ever you would like me to say it,

they said to themselves just like you said to yourself,

this is the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

You said I can do this! did they (the merchant).

They were sick of being told NO everyday all day and now they had options, hey had the power, finally!!!

...and they jumped at the chance to borrow this money as a merchant, not a business owner, because again, please understand, nobody ever taught them they were MERCHANTS, they were taught that they were entrepreneurs or business owners!!!

That's why they can't FIND this industry,

...that's why they need you!!!

You're not going to sell them anything, you're just introducing them to it is all...

You need to tell them about this GREAT avenue you found for business owners, for merchants!

...and then and only then will you have a true CONVERT on your hands!!!

...and ONCE you help someone with a CONVERTION or TRANSITION into something better, you have a friend for life!!!

Once a business owner finds the merchant cash advance industry, not unlike an ISO (individual Sales Organization) they never leave!

Just to let you know,

...once an business owner takes 1 (one) of these merchant cash advances, they end up taking 4.1 more 98.67% of the time!!! fact,

- they become addicted to the ease of which they can get injections of money in real time from companies like Mom and Pop Business Funding.

There is NO more resistance in their lives financially speaking!

Banks can NO longer tell them no 94% of the time!!!

Welcome to the merchant cash advance industry if you are just joining us, and welcome to the word MERCHANT if you didn't know what it meant!


Sincerely and Respectfully,

Bret Martin, CEO of Mom and Pop Business Funding, The ISO Recruiting Company and The MCA University.

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